Summer School

Clovis Unified Summer School is offered in June and July

The summer school session lasts six (6) weeks: First semester classes are during the first three weeks and second semester classes are during the last three weeks. Independent Study and "face-to-face" (classroom) classes are offered, depending on the course.

In the past, Independent Study summer school classes have begun meeting the week after the regular school year finishes. These classes need to be finished by the last week in July. "Face-to-face" summer school classes usually begin the following week and also conclude that last Thursday in July. A detailed summer school schedule with locations, dates and times will be available in the spring.

Your counselor will enroll you in summer school

If you need to make-up credits (to improve D or F grades) or if you have an impacted schedule and would like to take original credit summer school, see your counselor. Enrollment for summer school begins in the spring as counselors work with students to register for the following year's classes. Your counselor will help you determine which classes you are eligible to take.

Students going into 9th, 10th and 11th grade ...

... can take up to 10 credits of summer school.

Students going into 12th grade ...

... can take up to 15 credits of summer school.